Celebrate Flag Day!

Posted by Karen Rothwell on 6/3/2020

Before we start our unit on the American flag, practice typing use the application called Dance Mat. Put on your headphones to hear directions and click on link below!

Dance Mat


Learn about Flag Day, our next national holiday in June!

American Flag

1) Read/listen to article in Kids Info Bits by clicking below:

Flag Day article


2) Listen to flag day song in YouTube by clicking on link below:

Flag day music


3) Review the storyboard in PBS by clicking below:

PBS Storyboard


4) Do a word search in PBS by clicking below:

Word search


5) Online color a Flag Day picture of your choice by clicking below:

Online coloring 


6) Try a crossword puzzle by clicking below:

Crossword puzzle


7) Learn about American symbols including the flag by watching this BrainPopJr. video, try the quiz

BrainPopJr. video


8) Check out the Betsy Ross museum virtual tour by clicking below:

Museum tour





Click on the summer vacation links below!


Summer Vacation Holiday Video

Summer Vacation Video in PBS


Do the summer vacation word search

Word Search


Watch one of the quick shows below:

Olivia Goes to the Beach

Olivia YouTube


Berenstein Bears Go to Camp

Berenstein Bears YouTube


Arthur's Family Vacation

Arthur's Family Vacation YouTube


Peppa Pig Camping Holiday

Peppa Pig Camping Holiday YouTube


Rat-a-Tat Summer CHill

Rat-a-Tat Chill YouTube


Hawaii Pug-Oh

Hawaii Pug-O Video


Practice math by selecting your grade and numbers in abcya.com