Women's History Month

Posted by Karen Rothwell on 3/27/2020

Celebrate Women's History Month! 

 Practice typing 1st by clicking on Keyboarding Zoo using link below (press play button and go):

Keyboarding Zoo


1) Fill out the calendar by clicking on link below: Calendar


2) Review the storyboard in PBS to learn about Women's History month by clicking on link below:

PBS Learning Media


3) Log into BrainPopJr. and select a woman you would like to learn more about, watch video and take quiz and try the games



4) Choose a word search in PBS by clicking on link below:

Word Search 

Word Search 2

Word Search 3


5) Try a crossword puzzle by clicking on link below:




6) Check out my read-a-louds by clicking on hemenway library flipgrid, record a video response back : )



7) Review additional enrichment opportunities by clicking on this grid and looking at activities on today's column

Enrichment Activities


8) Ms. Schlegel has kindly recorded a read-a-loud for you, click on the YouTube link below and press play.

Ms. Schlegel Read-a-loud