Art Room Message

Art Heart Message from the Art Room: Supplies Needed!  

All of Brophy's "standard" art materials are provided through the building budget and the Fine Arts Dept., but many of the extra supplies used on a regular basis come from the grocery store, Walmart/Target, CVS, etc. If you happen to be swinging down some shopping aisles and are looking for an easy way to help out the art room, a donation of any of the following would be greatly appreciated: tissues, paper lunch bags (any size is great, but they mostly use 'small'), plastic storage bags (again, any size- snack, sandwich, quart, gallon, and their FAVORITE - two-gallon (yup, you read that right- they exist and they are fantastic- though they only seem to appear at Target), white label stickers, white washcloths, and erasers (any shape, style or size).  Hand wipes would be helpful as well!  Thank you, from the bottom of our heARTs!