September 20

Hi Room 1 Families! 


We have had another busy week in room 1. Now that we have practiced all of our workshop routines, we began incorporating the reading, writing and math curriculum into the routines. In reading, we worked on starting to read pictures and words in books. We have been reading and re-reading paper books as well as finding letters and sight words we know. We practiced the Hemenway motto (“Hemenway Tigers respect themselves, Hemenway Tigers respect others, Hemenway Tigers respect our school and Hemenway Tigers persevere...ask your child to show you the hand motions that go along with this! We say the motto every morning as a part of the school’s morning announcements.)


In writing this week, we started to draw pictures of places we’ve been. We tried to add some labels such as “me” and any other words we wanted to try. We drew three pictures about the same story and told the story to the class using the words first, next and last.


Here are the letters we have learned in Fundations, along with their sound. We practice using a picture to help your child remember. // represents the letter sound.






Next week we will earn about the vowels i and u.


Upcoming Info. 

Star Shares- Gabriel, Kevin, Logan, Maddie, Meredith

Sight Words- it, the

Paper Books- The Little Red Hen, The Pledge of Allegiance

Thursday at 7PM parents come to Curriculum Night, you will hear and see what your child is learning about in kindergarten.


Enjoy the beautiful weekend and I hope to see you Thursday!