September 13

Dear Room 1 Families,


It was another wonderful week in Room 1. We started our STAR SHARE this week and have enjoyed learning about the other kids in our class. Thanks for your help prepping the kids for the star share. We have enjoyed making connections with and learning about our friends!


In Fundations this week we learned about the letters “t,” "b,"and “f.” We practiced saying the letter, saying a word that starts with the letter, then making the sound. We also practiced the letter formation for each with a nice, strong pincher pencil grip. You can practice saying at home “T, top, /t/” and “F, fun, /f/”


In writing this week, we started to draw pictures of places we’ve been. We tried to add some labels such as “me” and any other words we wanted to try. In reading, started to read paper books and talked a lot about good readers. Three things good reader do is they look at the book (words and pictures), think about the book, and try to tell what's happening or read. Often times, we will highlight sight words or letters we are learning. Eventually, you will see these books coming home. But for now, I am guarding them at school! In math we worked on sorting and labeling things as same, different, more and less.  We sorted by color, shape and size into two categories. Our labels were things like “These are red, these are not red” or These are big, these are not big” and so on.  Everyone did a really nice job with this.  


Next Week

sight words- I, we

Poem- Hemenway motto

Hemenway Tigers respect themselves,

Hemenway Tigers respect others,

Hemenway Tigers respect our school and

Hemenway tigers persevere!

Paper Books- Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall and I Am Ready For School

Fundations- the letters “m” and “n”


Star Share- students will bring in something small to show the class

Monday- Echo

Tuesday- NO SCHOOL

Wednesday- Emily

Thursday- Eva

Friday- Filip


One of my favorite parts of my son’s preschool is the pictures they send. In an effort to keep our home-school connection strong, I will start to use Class Dojo. This is an app and website that I can upload photos of the students onto. It is by invitation only, so it is private only to people who have the code (whereas our Hemenway website is public). I think you will get an email invitation once I set it up. Let's plan to check in by next Friday about this and make sure we are all connected! I hope this will help when you ask your child how school was...they should be able to tell you about the picture! I will try to keep the photos general and focused on whole class things...unless you want to see personal lego creations from recess. Haha. Also, I don’t have my phone out all the time, so I’m only going to upload a few photos a week. Let’s see how this goes! 

CURRICULUM NIGHT Mark your calendars! September 26 is Curriculum Night- Parents only :) Come see what your children are learning and how we teach it. I'm pretty sure it starts at 6:30 and usually lasts about an hour or so. It's similar to orientation but dives more into curriculum and what you child is/will be learning this year.


Lastly, I want to say thank you to all of the families- YOU. I know kindergarten is a big adjustment for everyone, including you! You’ve been doing a great job packing snacks, lunches, water bottles and extra clothes ;-) Keep up the great work! 


Have a great weekend,