September 6

Dear Room 1 Families,


This was a busy, tiring, and fun week in room 1. We had a few tears today because many of the kids are tired by Friday. Get ready for next week..a full week in September is tough for everyone!


We started to learn our new curriculum while continuing to practice classroom routines. We worked hard to sit and stay at a table, work the whole time, problem solve and even rotated between three activities. These are routines we will continue to follow during our reading, writing and math workshop times. We have gotten much better at sitting on our bottoms, (in a chair and on the rug) raising our hand, and walking in a quiet line. I continue to think we have a sweet group of kids!!


In Fundations, our phonics program, we met "Mr. Owl." He is usually called Echo because the kids echo him, but since we have Echo the girl in our class I decided he will be Mr. Owl and we will repeat him ;-) We learned our first letter “t” by writing the lowercase letter and practiced the sound it makes. In math, we created a few class graphs about the ways we get to school and how we are feeling. We practiced using math manipulatives and talked a lot about our names after reading Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. We counted how many letters are in our names and made a class graph.


Since we started the month of September this week, we also made our September calendar. Each month the kids work to trace numbers, color a pattern and use fine motor skills to make a monthly craft image. We used an AB pattern to color the numbers and then we ripped and glued an apple to decorate the top. We rip and glue to strengthen our finger muscles so that they can hold our pencils, crayons and markers. This week we learned the correct way to hold our pencil which is to pinch it with two fingers close to the tip.  


Next Week

New sight words- a, be

Poem- Jack be Nimble

Fundations- the letters “b” and “f”


Star Share- *see the paper in your student's new green folder*

students will bring in something small to show the class

Monday- Aanya

Tuesday- Abby

Wednesday- Aradhana

Thursday- Ary

Friday- Drew


Other reminders:

-Please return your library book by Friday

- Green Folders come home every Friday. Please make sure they are emptied out and returned to school on Monday. 

-Greg Tang math night is Wednesday 9/11 from 6:30-7:30! Join us for a fun night full of math games!

A note about lunch and snack

The kids eat lunch in the cafeteria with Mrs. Spring and the other kindergarten aides. They eat snack in the afternoon with me. They have 30 minutes to eat lunch and about 15 minutes to eat snack. 

While we can encourage them to eat, we can't force them. We will try to keep the kids from throwing out unopened foods so you can see what they are eating or not. 

I have found that for pickier eaters (like my own two kids!!) I provide a variety of foods- fruit, veggie, carbs, protein, dairy...and they will eat what they want. (there are plenty of ideas for packing lunches on Pinterest and Instagram!) By providing the kids with healthier options they fill up faster and  feel better after eating. 


Let’s hope for another cool and wonderful week!


PS. As always, feel free to keep emailing me if you have any questions or concerns!