August 31

Dear Parents, 


Room 1 truly had a great first two days of Kindergarten! This is a wonderful group of kids...and I'm not just saying that be be nice. Haha. The kids are listening, sharing, and seem to be having some fun! We learned many of our routines and procedures such as unpacking in the morning and lining up for the hall. We learned about the playground and how to play safely. We also learned how to eat in the cafeteria with our friends! It's been a lot of listening, practicing and class bathroom breaks!


These past two days we read books about the first days of school and going to kindergarten. We read "No David" and "David Goes to School." We also read "How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?" We loved that story (and it’s a great series!)


Coming up next week

Next week we will begin to dive into our curriculum. We will be introduced to Fundations, which is our phonics curriculum. We will also begin a mini-graphing unit in math learning about the words "more" and "less.” In writing, we will learn our first two sight words- "me" and "a.” These are words that once taught, your child should be able to recognize and read in a text. Finally, we will begin to learn about our "workshop" model of teaching. This is a center based approach to learning with different standards based activities and hands on activities. 


To continue to build our classroom community, will also focus on learning our new friends names and writing our own names next week. We will learn the poem “Friends.” We use a poem each week to practice shared reading (reading together), learning sight words and other literacy and phonics skills. Feel free to practice reading it at home next week. 




I’m your friend,

You are mine.

Today we’ll have an awesome time,

Here at Hemenway School

Where the children learn all day

We love Hemenway School Hooray! 


One last thing, it’s a wonderful idea to leave an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack. Some parents have already included extra pants, shirt, underwear and socks. The nurse does have extra clothes, but I cannot guarantee they will fit properly! 

I look forward to a wonderful year together. I am reachable by email if you need anything at all.

Enjoy your long weekend...and don’t forget to send your child in sneakers on Tuesday. 



Kim Rosenberg