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Aspen X2 New Feature enabled

In Aspen, there is a self-service password reset feature which allows users to reset their account password without having to call the Technology Helpdesk for assistance.  If you are an FPS Staff member or a student in grades 6-12 you can use the password reset feature, but you need to set the security preferences before using it for the first time.  Please refer to the documentation below, which you can also find on our Aspen X2 Information page.

Aspen X2: Setting Your Security Questions for Password Reset
Aspen X2: Self-Service Password Reset Instructions

The Office of Technology strongly encourages students in grades 6-12 and all FPS staff to enable Aspen X2 security questions and use the password reset link.  We are hoping the password reset portal will make the process of logging into Aspen X2 easier for staff, students and families as we approach the time of year when more people access their accounts for transportation registrations and viewing school data.  

Please note:  

  1. If you account is disabled, you will have to call the helpdesk for a password reset.  At that time, we will instruct you on how to set up the security preferences.

  2. Parents and Students currently log into the student’s Aspen X2 account  with the same login ID and password.

  3. Parents and guardians of students in grades K-5 will have to call the Helpdesk for password reset.  They do not have an active FPS email and therefore can not use the password reset portal at this time.


If you have any questions, call the Helpdesk at 508-782-6928.