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F-SEPAC Information Night: February 27th at 6pm

Teacher smiling at a student

Please join the Framingham Public Schools for F-SEPAC information night to learn all about the Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council (F-SEPAC) and Special Education in Framingham. Families will discover ways to support Special Education and learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities as part of F-SEPAC.

F-SEPAC Information Night

Thursday, February 27th

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Cameron Middle School

F-SEPAC is a parent run group that partners with the Special Education Department of Framingham Public Schools. They are a district-wide resource to parents or guardians of children with special needs – offering  information, support, and meetings throughout the school year. As a group the F-SEPAC is mandated and supported by state and federal laws regarding SEPACs.

F-SEPAC is a united voice for special needs children and considered an advisory committee to the Framingham school district and its Special Education Department.  They work with us in partnership to determine appropriate programs and services for children with special needs. F-SEPAC is a group that works to support and protect access to quality education for all children – especially those with disabilities – and participate in decision making that affects policies, rules, and regulations.

F-SEPAC’s mission is to work for the understanding, respect, and support of all children with special needs in Framingham.  They provide opportunities for parents to share experiences and information and come together to learn more about the challenges facing children with special needs.

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