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Program Recap: Adventures Summer School

The Adventures Summer School program is an extended year program for elementary children with Autism.  Over the years various members of the community have volunteered and spent time with the students. This year the program was lucky enough to make contact with, among others, the Framingham High School Team, the Fire Department, and the Police Department. 

Earlier in the Summer, some of the players from the Framingham High School soccer teams came and work/played with the students and everyone had the BEST time. The players worked in small groups teaching and working on passing skills in the classroom and then everyone convened in the gym for rotations of passing, dribbling, and shooting. The high school students were incredible with the children - patient, caring, interested, enthusiastic and kind. It was an incredible day!

Later in the summer, while learning about Community Helpers, the program was lucky enough to be visited by the Police and Fire Departments. The officers and firefighters worked wonderfully with all of the students, targeting many different skills. They focused on the importance of not wandering away, when to dial 911, practicing how to speak to the dispatcher in an emergency, and being comfortable walking up to officers to say hello or ask for help. The students learned how to spot a fire, what’s the safest place in the house, and how to ask for help. Additionally, the officers and firefighters worked on exposing the kids to the uniform, having the children comfortable giving high-fives, and being able to say hello. 

Thank you to all who visited and made these special visits happen! Here are some photos from the Adventures Summer School Program.

Adventure Summer Program