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Coordinated Program Review Press Release

The Massachusetts Department of Education conducted a review of Framingham’s programs for Special Education, Civil Rights, and Career Education complete with a site visit in December, 2014. The Visiting Team interviewed 21 administrative staff, 97 teaching and support service staff, 4 parents, 10 students and two industry representatives in addition to many individuals from the general public. Surveys were also sent out to 50 parents of students with disabilities and 25 parents of English Language Learners. In addition, 34 classrooms were visited by the Team.

The final report was issued on May 8. 2015 and a site visit was conducted by DESE on May 28, 2015 to review the findings. There were no findings of requirements that were not implemented. For those areas that were found to be “partially implemented”, the district will follow a formal Corrective Action Plan that details the precise steps that will be taken for each finding.

The final report states “The district has aimed to significantly increase student inclusion, engagement, and academic achievement by increasing the number of dually-certified special education teachers and dually-certified English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers throughout the district’s schools, as well as opportunities for before and after-school academic support for all students.”