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La Cantina Italiana Restaurant Scholarship Program


This program, supported by private donations from La Cantina Italiana Restaurant in Framingham, is to provide financial aid in the form of reimbursements to the FPS Food Services Department to cover the costs of elementary school lunches for deserving families.  These families have been identified as Framingham residents who are finding it challenging to participate in the Meal Program offered by the Framingham Public Schools' Food Services Department.


  • Student(s) must be registered and attending the Framingham Public Schools.
  • The family must have submitted a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Free/Reduced Applicationand have been denied at least in the current school year if not in a prior year.
  • The family must have demonstrated a previous history of trying to manage their child's negative balance (funds owed to FPS for lunches received, but not paid for by the family) as determined by the FPS Food Services Department


  • The family must submit a Letter of Appeal to the Superintendent of Schools requesting a Review Hearing consistent with DESE regulations
  • The family must provide documentation of hardship, e.g., discharge papers, unemployment documentation, medical documentation, foreclosure or bankruptcy proceeding, etc.
  • Where applicable and possible, recommendations for the award of such scholarships will be supported by the Principal, Guidance Counselor, Social Worker or other FPS staff who know the family situation and support the award of a scholarship for this purpose


  • If awarded, recipients will sign a letter of agreement stating that only meals, and not snacks, will be purchased with the scholarship funds and the funds will only be used for School Lunch and not any Snack Bar or food alternative
  • The scholarship will be only for the current year and will cease when family hardship no longer exists or the end of the current school year, whichever comes first

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If you wish to patronize this local establishment and show your support for the program then please visit La Cantina Restaurant's website