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Beyond the Black and White: Mentors and Models

Chris Brindley - Mentor and Model featured in Beyond the Black and White

Spotlight: Chris Brindley

Staff Submitted: Chris Brindley, FHS Fine and Performing Arts Department Head/Theatre Teacher, Framingham High School

Submitted By: Donna Wresinski, Director, Fine and Performing Arts Department 

Description of Staff Member’s Actions: Chris goes above and beyond guiding parents and students on the scary and challenging journey of auditioning for college acting programs.  He meets with parents on his own time, coaches students on their auditions after school, on weekends and in the evening for months at a time.  His students are always prepared for these competitive auditions and his passion for what he loves is contagious. He goes above and beyond for his college bound students every year.

Mentors and Models Criteria
Staff at our schools play a critical role in helping shape students into passionate, driven individuals. This role goes far beyond academic teaching; staff are constant mentors and role models for how students should live their best lives. We hope to recognize any staff member who has an outstanding influence on their school’s community and students. This is not limited to teachers.

Staff and students are invited to submit in any of the 7 categories of Beyond the Black and White to feature creative work and accomplishments. Learn more: