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Framingham Performed at the Central Massachusetts Honors Band Concert

Yesterday (Sunday, June 2nd), 37 Framingham students performed with the 2019 Central Massachusetts Honors Band at 5:00pm at Shrewsbury High School.

The Middle School Band performed first, followed by the High School Wind Ensemble. These students have traveled to Shrewsbury on 3 different weekends with other students from Central Mass. 

This is the most middle school participation we've had and we congratulate the students and staff on their participation and the work that went into making this happen!
Framingham High School
Beckman, Aidan
Cahn, Alexandra
Hayes, Angela
Tramontozzi, Nucci
Tucker, Andrew
Bleasdell, Haley
Cahn, Jake
Eeson, Isabella
Finlay, Olivia
Gordon, Alana
Guillaume, Olivia
Hepp, Aiden
Hoffman, Hannah
Krejdovsky, Tessa
Lyons, Sophia
Marin-Caceres, Angel
Rodriguez, Francisco
Russo, Abigail
Schreiner, Joshua
Sheikh, Zara
Tezduyar, Zeybek
Feudo, Isabel
Feudo, Jamie
Hammye, Wolfgang
Hein, Evan
Noggle, Clara
Pham, Ethan
Carson, Thomason
Cox, Devin
Crocker, William
Donovan, Seamus
Ferreira, Melissa
Nelson-Peterman, Claire
Richardson, Jason
Savelle, Elliot
Saxon, Jenna
Torres, Ayla