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Family, Friends, and Neighbor Day

Family, Friends, and Neighbor Days

May, 30, 2019


One of the four standards represented in the District's Strategic Plan includes Family and Community Engagement. The goals associated with this standard are driving Framingham Public Schools to foster community, family, and business partnerships that further support and engage our relationships and encourage collaboration.

We've identified 4 dates for the 2018-2019 school year which will (to the best of our ability) be held for family and community engagement. These days are called Family, Friends, and Neighbor Days. They take place on the fifth Thursday of month. 

The last of these days for this school year - is today!

What happens on Family, Friends, and Neighbor Days?

In Dr. Tremblay’s vision of these days, the District will limit - or simply not assign - homework and we would avoid scheduling athletic practices/games, music rehearsals, and other school-driven commitments on family time in exchange for students to be afforded that time to engage with their family, friends, and neighbors. 

The theme of today's Family, Friends, and Neighbor Day is 'Unplugged'. For this, we ask you to set aside or at least minimize the use of any electronics tomorrow evening to further emphasize the value in re-engaging human interaction.

Ways to Participate on May 30th

The District is not hosting an event today, but we have come up with some simple things you can do to connect with each other.

  • Deliver cookies or a simple homemade snack to a neighbor, a local Fire station, or a friend.
  • Have a dance party in your living room, taking turns who picks songs. Parents / Grandparents can use this as an opportunity to introduce new (old) songs to their kids.
  • Play some ‘Minute-to-Win-it’ games. Here is some inspiration.
  • Host a coffee and dessert night and invite your neighbors.
  • Prepare and enjoy a meal together.
  • Plan to have a meaningful conversation with your family about diversity. Here is some inspiration.
  • Host a ‘Game Night’ with your family and/or friends, and/or neighbors.
  • Play a card game: Go Fish, Rummy, Spades, etc. Need a refresher? Here are some other ideas.
  • Visit a neighbor that you don’t get to see often and try to learn one new thing about him/her/them.
  • Take a family walk - before or after dinner. 
  • Play a game of Family Q&A. Here are 101 Questions to get you started.

Show us your Family, Friends, and Neighbors Spirit!

In November and January you shared some AWESOME photos with us and for that, we thank you!  If you and your child(ren) participate in any of these or other activities to engage and connect with your family, friends, and neighbors - please share how you’re spending this Family, Friends, and Neighbor Day. Just don't do it in real time, because that defeats the purpose of being 'unplugged' :)

Here are some guidelines and recommended tags!

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Be sure to include your photo and tag #FFNDays AND @FraminghamPS on Twitter.

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Be sure to include your photo and tag #FFNDays AND @FraminghamSchools on Instagram.

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Find and comment on Thursday’s Facebook Post by Framingham Public Schools. Please include your activity details or a photo showing how you spent your Family, Friends, and Neighbor Day in the comments.