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Beyond the Black and White: Visual Art Submission

Error by Devin VanAelstyn

Artist: Devin VanAelstyn

Submitted By: Mrs. Liwerant, Studio Art Teacher, Framingham High School

Media: Sculpture

Artist’s Statement: This is my piece following one of the Rhode Island School of Design’s prompts. The requirements for the piece were to take a word from a list and have that word inspire the piece. My sculpture’s name is Error, which was the word I chose from the list. I decided to follow my passion of visually showcasing mental health and the over prescribing of medication to mental health patients while following the prompt. That is why its name is Error.

Photos of Artwork:

Error Sculpture Angle 1

Error Sculpture Angle 2

The Project: Beyond the Black and White

Beyond the Black and White is a district-wide project that aims to highlight the diverse accomplishments of Framingham Schools’ students through exhibitions of and about student work. Through a weekly distribution featuring different articles, we plan to showcase the incredible variety of talent, passion, and stories that make Framingham unique. Though the content will be moving and inspiring, our name reminds readers of the hope that they will look beyond the black and white words on the page and appreciate the people, named or unnamed, behind each piece.

We hope to celebrate not only students who are often appreciated for their academic or extracurricular achievement, but those with a wide range of different abilities, particularly students who have not been recognized. After all, diversity is a foundation for Framingham Schools!

The Category: Living Color

We aim to recognize artistically talented students who work in many media, beyond simply traditional art media or genres such as painting or realism. While this work is obviously wonderful and welcome for submission, we want to show that art can be uncomfortable and raw while also being beautiful. Artwork can be either two or three-dimensional, and we encourage art of any and all levels. Students should not feel like they need to have an extensive art background in order to submit.

Staff and students are invited to submit in any of the 7 categories of Beyond the Black and White to feature creative work and accomplishments. Learn more: