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Pride Month

The Pride Flag Evolution

Since its first flight at 1978’s Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco, the rainbow flag has evolved multiple times. It now contains 6 horizontal color stripes, a multi-color chevron, and now a purple circle. See below for the explanation of colors.

  • Red in the flag represents life.
  • Orange represents healing.
  • Yellow represents sunlight.
  • Green, seen in nature represents prosperity and growth.
  • Blue in the original pride flag was for serenity
  • Purple, represents spirit.
  • Black and Brown represents people of color.
  • Pink, Baby Blue, and White represent Trans people

The intersex community uses the colors of purple and yellow as an intentional counterpoint to blue and pink, which have traditionally been seen as binary, gendered colors.

There’s a deeper meaning behind the circle, too. The symbol of the circle is “about being unbroken, about being whole,” adding that “it symbolizes the right to make our own decisions about our own bodies.”


Did you know that June is National LGBTQIA Pride Month? We’d like to mirror what we've done in the past and have as many FPS Community members as possible kick off this nationally recognized pride month by supporting #FPSPrideDay and we'd love your support to bring this to life!

Please join us in creating a visual representation of the supportive community that we have for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, students, and families.

We invite all staff to participate by wearing purple or rainbow attire on Wednesday, June 15th. We hope you join us!

Get your gear ready and share your photos with us!

How to show your support:

1. Wear purple or rainbow colors on Wednesday, June 15th

2. Snap a selfie or a group photo

3. Share on social media following the instructions below

BONUS! Be sure to let us know what School you represent!


Share a selfie or group photo showing your support for FPS Pride Day! Be sure to tag #FPSPrideDay AND @FraminghamPS on Twitter.

Share a selfie or group photo showing your support for FPS Pride Day. Be sure to tag #FPSPrideDay AND @FraminghamSchools on Instagram.


Find and comment on the 'FPS Pride Day' Facebook Post by Framingham Public Schools on June 2nd at 7:00am. Your comment should include a photo of you (and or your colleagues).

Email your selfie(s) or group photo(s) to to share from the District's social media channels throughout the day.