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FPS Honors Talent and Retirees in a Recognition Ceremony

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Framingham Public Schools Honors Talent and Retirees in a Recognition Ceremony

June 16, 2023 (Framingham, MA) - Framingham Public Schools was proud to host its second Talent and Retiree Recognition Ceremony on June 13th in the Chris Walsh Performing Arts Center in Fuller Middle School. The Talent Recognition Ceremony was an invitation-only ceremony to honor 58 retirees and ‘Talent of the Year’ from each school.

“Inspired by an awards ceremony in Boston where our incredible Human Resources team was recognized for their teamwork and customer service, this recognition ceremony strives to bring the energy of the past ‘Salute to Framingham’ celebrations to honor our talented Framingham Public Schools staff and retirees,” offered Dr. Robert Tremblay, Superintendent of Framingham Public Schools.

While the in-person event was invite-only, community members were invited to watch the recorded broadcast: 2023 Talent Recognition Ceremony Video. Photos from the event are also available to view: 2023 Talent Recognition Ceremony Photos.

“We congratulate our amazing retirees for their decades of selfless service and commitment to our students and we wish them the best of luck in the next phase of their journeys,” offered Inna London, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. “We also wish to thank our recognized ‘Talent of the Year’ for the contributions that they continue to bring into each school building, impacting not only students and families, but the lives and work of their colleagues.”

Congratulations to the following FPS retirees who include Teachers and Support Staff, Nurses, Administrators, Principals, Administrative Support Staff, Paraprofessionals, Custodians and Food Services Employees. 

Cristina Aguiar

Patricia Aiello

Carol Armstrong

Elizabeth Balboni

Carolyn Banach

Tracy Bascetta

Andrew Benedetti

Susan Bradford

Laurand Bryant

Sara Burgwinkle

Lynda Calvino Nocera

Diane Cartier

Marilyn Castoldi

Rebecca Center

Suzanne Chlapowski (Moore)

Lisa Cogliandro

Denise Crocco Carnese

Cheryl Curley

Lynne Davis

Lorenzo De Los Santos

Deborah DeMichele

Maura Donovan

Karen Fimlaid

Michael Foody

Robin Goldweitz

Jan Graham

Elizabeth Guydan

Karen Hicks

Ann Loyd-Devito

Linda Mackie

Carolyn McCarthy

Diane MacMillan

Eileen MacQueen

Laura (Lisa) McRae

Ernest Moreau

Kathleen O'Brien

Jennifer Orcutt

Soledad Ordovas

Adrianne Paul

Cheryl Phillips

Elaine Picard

Debbie Price

Dalia Rabinovich

Michele Schecter

Janice Schlegel

Mynette Shifman

Idalgisa Sierra

Carol Skaggs

Jayne Sweeney

Maureen Tiberio

Luz Vallejo-Spillane

Brian Wadley

Catherine Weber

Teresa Weisman

Lawrence Wilbur

N Claire Winhold

Lisa Zanella

Pamela Zingarelli



New this year, Framingham Public Schools recognized and honored exceptional FPS employees who were nominated by colleagues and peers at each school. Once the submissions were received, school leaders selected the finalists based on their significant and positive impact on the school, having shown notable innovation and creativity, and demonstrated exceptional dedication to their work. 

Although Kristen Bankuti, a Speech and Language Pathologist, works with the Autism classes, her collaborative and dedicated work ethic with ALL colleagues and ALL students who may need support have distinguished her at BLOCKS Preschool. Kris works collaboratively with families offering to create picture exchange systems or program technology devices to support children at home and collaborates frequently with the professionals working with the student both in school and outside of the school day. She is always happy to assist anyone with a question.

From Barbieri Elementary School, Emily Rubin asks students to make posters, leads tours, practice leadership during community meetings, makes videos about supporting custodial staff and our community on keeping our school clean and taking care of our spaces, gets excited about an incentive feather system in the bistro to follow expectations, excites students about singing the school song and pledge, and oversees a Check In Check Out system and mentoring system for over 70 students. 

Kimberly Tremlett is an Elementary Teacher at Brophy Elementary School who is passionate about creating supportive and inclusive relationships with her students and their families. An advocate for her Jewish community as well as all historically marginalized communities, she has had a positive impact on her students which is evident through their appreciation and understanding of each other's identities and backgrounds. 

Amelia Andrade assumed the role of Portuguese Language Assistant Teacher at Cameron Middle School in mid-year of 2021, her presence in the Cameron school community has been indispensable. Amelia has an uncanny ability to connect with students and staff, being friendly, kind, and always happy to lend a helping hand, whether it is translating for students, making phone calls home to speak with parents, or collecting/preparing materials for lessons. She also continues to develop her talents, and is currently in a master's program to become an ESL teacher through Lesley University. 

A Physical Education Teacher at Dunning Elementary School, Harrison Greenhouse is engaging and positive whether there is rain, snow, sunshine, or cold. Harry is often the first person Dunning students see in the morning, and is a major difference maker in their day-to-day experience and overall lives! 

Heloiza Castellana has been a member of Framingham High School since 1998, teaching ESL and Portuguese language and literature. She has high expectations for her students, is positive, enthusiastic, and very dedicated to her students' academic success. This has resulted in improved language skills for all of her students.

Lisa Columbo, a Physical Education Teacher from Fuller Middle School, comes to school with boundless energy, optimism, compassion, and she sincerely cares about every student and staff member in Fuller Middle School. Communicating in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, she knows EVERY student in school and always offers very helpful insight and self-reflection in professional developments. 

Patricia Marcondes, a teacher in the Harmony Grove Dual Language program, has worked tirelessly with Harmony Grove staff and families to revive their PTO and organize amazing events for the students. Her patience, kindness, and advocacy for a positive school culture have strengthened our community in innumerable ways. 

From Hemenway Elementary School, Amy Lordan serves as a model for teachers and staff members in the way of best literacy practices that are fun and engaging for students (like the “Masked Reader”). She also celebrates staff wins and gives a hug and words of encouragement on the harder days. 

From King Elementary School, Mia Mulvey is an Elementary Teacher who holds her students to high expectations while incorporating creativity throughout each day and consistently engaging students in every single subject. Honest with her feedback, she has rolled out a new social studies unit for the district which grade 4 teachers from all of the other schools love and piloted new literacy programs. 

Shawna Graham, an Elementary Teacher from McCarthy Elementary School, has and continues to make a significant and positive impact for students, teachers and families and continually demonstrates exceptional dedication to her work.  Her unwavering commitment to the McCarthy School community is appreciated and recognized by all. 

Heather Alden, a Math Teacher from Potter Road Elementary School, took it upon herself to learn how to speak and comprehend Portuguese and, as a result, she has been able to push into dual language classrooms, provide cognates for key vocabulary words, and build connections with all students at Potter Road. Her incredible commitment to equitable math instruction has created an unprecedented school-wide culture of numeracy and a love of math in all students with whom she works. 

From Stapleton Elementary School, Andrea Connolly expertly supports students in The Learning Center in meeting and exceeding their academic and social emotional behavioral goals.  She demonstrates exceptional dedication to her work by going above and beyond in her caretaker communication, team commitment, flexibility, and creative problem-solving. She is student-centered in all that she does. 

Bobby Ortiz, the Head Custodian at Walsh Middle School, displays an exceptional work ethic, a willingness to help others, and a consistent commitment to going above and beyond.  A reliable and trustworthy team player, Bobby inspires and motivates others and actively fosters relationships with colleagues by creating a supportive atmosphere. 

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