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BLOCKS Preschool Leader Receives a Latino Excellence Award from the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus

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BLOCKS Preschool Leader Receives a Latino Excellence Award from the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus

Framingham, MA (October 17, 2022) Framingham Public Schools is proud to share that Rosario ‘Rosie’ Alvarez, Director of Early Childhood Education at BLOCKS Preschool, has received a Latino Excellence Award. Nominated by Senate President, Karen Spilka, Rosie received this award and recognition from the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus for her leadership and impact on the Framingham community.

The Senate President recognized Alvarez for her work supporting Framingham’s youngest learners, stating, “Rosario Alvarez began pioneering approaches to early childhood education even before she became director of Framingham Public School District’s BLOCKS preschool in 1989. Cuban-born and already a bilingual educator of 15 years, Rosie set about building a program that would meet the needs of each preschooler and she was undaunted by the diversity of needs, backgrounds, challenges, and interests that the children brought. Ms. Alvarez created and maintains an integrated culture of inclusion, no matter what the child’s language or special needs. Rosie envisioned BLOCKS as a cohesive community, and to that end, she created a learning environment that supports the entire family, ultimately enabling the students and their families to live their best lives.” 

Rosie Alvarez first started serving the Framingham Public Schools community in 1977. In 1986 as a part-time Transitional Bilingual Teacher, she recognized that her emergent bilingual kindergarteners would benefit from having preschool experience. Working on a federal Title VII grant under FPS, Rosie was able to split her time in the classroom while also starting a program for preschool learners whose home language was something other than English. She moved into her current full-time role as Director of Early Childhood Education in 1993. Early in her career, Ms. Alvarez worked to elevate the image of the industry and the perception of the early childhood education workforce, emphasizing the level of professionalism, skills, dedication, and flexibility required to successfully meet the needs of each of the thousands of children who have attended BLOCKS. Ms. Alvarez was also a driving force behind establishing Framingham’s full-day kindergarten program, designing the curriculum, operations, and finances, with equity as her overarching value. 

Commenting on her nomination, Alvarez said, “As a Latina, I am truly honored and humbled by such an award.  As a young child who came to this country without speaking English, I can empathize with the struggles and challenges that both children and adults face. I am fortunate that my family believed in bilingualism which has afforded me so many opportunities. Working with young children and families is the only place I ever wanted to be. The BLOCKS Preschool is a special place because of the staff who share a commitment to doing what is in the best interest for all our students and families. ¡Muchisimas Gracias! Being nominated by Senate President Spilka is a great honor.”

“Rosie’s institutional knowledge from decades of service to Framingham’s youngest students and her tireless dedication to her own lifelong mission for improving access to high quality education has set the bar high in our community,” offered Dr. Robert A. Tremblay, Superintendent of Framingham Public Schools. “Her passion for early childhood education continues to be instrumental as we embark on expanding early learning opportunities in Framingham - a vision that will pay dividends for generations to come.”

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