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Here's What We've Done So Far!

As we start week 4 let's look at the awesome things we've done so far:


Students have filled out a Musical Driver's License, which introduces them to the teacher and fills the teacher in on their musical preferences, as well as a goal they have for the year. 


Students have also completed their first Song Share where each student played a song that means something to them for the class and explained why they chose the song. We heard some AWESOME reasons, including "My friends and I listened to this song at the beach so it makes me think of them" and "My dad and I sing this song together so I listen to it when I miss him."


This week we are discussing the effect music can have on our emotions and completing a worksheet that makes us think about all the different emotions we can get from music. 


The best part about this class? There are no right or wrong answers! A song that one person might think of as "happy" another might find "sad" and they're both right!


Keep checking the site for updates on our SEL and Music adventures!