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MetroWest Free Medical Program - School Physicals Night August 20th

July 31, 2019

The District received the message and flyers linked below with the hope that we would share it with our families. This is a critical resource for many and we hope you will find it helpful / useful!

We are the community's free clinic, providing free healthcare to those who are uninsured and underinsured. In addition to offering acute and chronic care for adults, each year we provide school physicals for about 200 children who are new to school and who don't yet have health insurance to cover a pediatrician visit elsewhere. 

We are hosting a Back to School Night on Tuesday, August 20th  This will be a special, family-oriented clinic session, during which we will just offer school physicals (no adult/acute care appointments). We have all of the paperwork needed for the physicals and also offer Portuguese and Spanish interpreters. We are also the happy recipients of new backpacks for younger and older kids that are filled with necessary school supplies, that we are able to give out on August 20th .

If you have families without health insurance who are in need of school physicals, please encourage them to come to the MetroWest Free Medical Program on August 20th, beginning at 5:30pm. (Please note, the program is intended for families without insurance. Children with insurance and a pediatrician should see that doctor for their school physicals to assure continuity of care. )

TO MEET THE NEEDS OF CHILDREN WHO DO NOT YET HAVE MASS HEALTH OR A REGULAR PEDIATRICIAN, there will be representatives from the Edward Kennedy Community Health Center on-site to schedule appointments for children to sign up for Health Insurance and to be connected with a pediatrician at the Kennedy Center for ongoing care. Children can have their back to School Physicals at the MW Free Medical Program on August 20th and schedule a future appointment at the Kennedy Center if desired.

The MetroWest Free Medical Program is available during other regular clinic sessions for acute & chronic disease care for adults without adequate Health Insurance. Flyers for the program are available in English, Spanish & Portuguese. Upcoming clinic dates for adults include August 6th and August 27th .

Thank you for sharing the information about the program! If you have any questions about the program or would like to talk about how our volunteer-led program can better support the health of the families in your school community, please let me know! 

Best of luck for a good school year.

Kind regards,

Karin Segal, RN
MetroWest Free Medical Program

Patient Information Lines:
508-656-0741(Spanish and Portuguese)