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Festa Junina / Spring Festival

Our Festa Junina is this Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm at Harmony Grove School.

Admission is free and prices for games and food will vary around $5.00. We will have cashiers at the entrance and you can buy tickets for games and food with cash, check or Venmo.

Festa Junina is a traditional celebration that occurs in June, celebrating the harvest season in Brazil.  It is a big part of the Brazilian culture and is known for its traditional clothes, colors, decorations, games, dances, and food!

A mock wedding followed by a traditional square dance, called quadrilha, are an important part of the traditional Festa Junina activities. The dances (quadrilha) that will be done by the students who rehearsed, will start at 2:30 and will end around 3:00.  

As we will not have tables and chairs in the field, please bring your chairs or picnic towels for your family. The tents with food will be on the field and the games will be located in the gym.

We are looking forward to a very fun Festa Junina with many students, families, staff, and community members in attendance!