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Ultimate Wolf Challenge fundraiser

Friday June 2nd Harmony Grove students will all participate in a fun-filled day organized by Viking Sports called The Ultimate Wolf Challenge! Each class will tackle obstacles and play games outside that require perseverance and teamwork. The schedule for the day is: 

9:30 am Grade 1
10:20 am Grade 5
11:10 am Grade 4
12:30 pm Kindergarten
1:20 pm Grade 2
2:10 pm Grade 3

Families can help make this day a success by:

  • Bringing popsicles to the students on the day of the event
    (at your children’s room time/schedule)
  • Sending 1 water bottles with your children for the event
  • volunteering your time to play and cheer for the children

The Ultimate Wolf Challenge is also a schoolwide fundraiser and we appreciate any donations.  Our goal is to raise $3,000 to be used for events, t-shirts, books, and other things our students need. We ask parents to share the campaign with their friends, family, businesses in the neighborhood (if any business or company makes a donation, we will spread the advertisements among our community).  If we reach the goal, our students will earn, in addition to the Ultimate Wolf Challenge activities, more time to play with the bouncy house!

Please visit the fundraising website for more information about the Ultimate Wolf Challenge and to donate.

You could also donate by cash or check, sending it to the school with a note saying, “Donation to Wolf
Challenge”. Thank you!