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City of Framingham School Committee Votes to Approve Long Term Plan for School Food Services


Rochelle Santos
Media and Communications Manager, Framingham Public Schools

Adam Freudberg
Chair, Framingham School Committee


New provision across all middle schools and Framingham High School enacted to ensure students at all levels are eligible to be served breakfast and lunch

Framingham, MA - Last night the City of Framingham School Committee voted unanimously to approve a new meal policy, adding additional language and processes to build upon their action on April 25th, to ensure that all students be provided breakfast and lunch, regardless of their meal account balance.  Although accounts will still be charged and parents/guardians will still be responsible for a child’s account balance, a student’s daily balance will have no negative impact on receipt of a meal.

The new policy expands upon an existing policy, applying it to all schools  so no student is denied a breakfast or lunch meal. Additionally, the policy states that no middle or high school student will be made aware of a negative meal account balance in the checkout process, singled out, or treated in any way that sets them apart from those with positive meal account balances.

“This proactive approach by the entire School Committee is a move to support Framingham’s students and make sure 100% of the kids who want a school breakfast or lunch receive it,” said Adam Freudberg, Chair of the Framingham School Committee, District 4.  “We want our students to focus daily on active learning along their path to reach high levels of achievement - not focus nor worry about having access to a meal. I’m very pleased with the collaborative partnership and amount of community feedback since we acted in April.  This all led us towards this comprehensive policy solution.”

“This action by the Framingham School Committee at once exemplifies a commitment to meeting the needs of all students, removing barriers for children in the spirit of access and equity, and believing in a system that is built upon best intentions, not simply discarded because of a worry that some may abuse the system,” said Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Robert A. Tremblay. "It is a model that assumes positive intent by everyone and sets our students on a daily course that recognizes nutrition as the necessary base for learning and active school engagement.”

Text of the New Policy can be found HERE.

Moving forward, the School Committee and Superintendent also recently discussed their mutual goal to track the financial impact and implementation of this new policy at discussions during upcoming School Committee meetings, ramp up data collection efforts to ensure we are receiving as much federal aid as possible, and increase efforts to offer customer-friendly case management to parents/guardians on food services.

The goal of the Framingham Public Schools Food Services Department is to make a significant contribution to the general well-being, mental and physical capacity, and learning ability of each student in the school district and afford them the opportunity to fully participate in the education process.  This will be achieved by providing all students with wholesome, nutritious, and appetizing meals, served in a courteous manner, in a sanitary and pleasant dining environment.

The next School Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5th at 7:00 p.m. in the Blumer Room at the Memorial Building.  For more information visit

About the Framingham School Committee
The School Committee is responsible for exercising co-leadership with the Superintendent in the vision, planning, policy making, evaluation, and advocacy for the mission of continuous improvement of student achievement in the district.  Under our Superintendent and Administration, the School Committee is committed to operating within this purview to best serve the schools and the community.

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Rochelle Santos