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FPS Expands Meal Options and Launches a New Online Menu System 

Framingham Public Schools

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Framingham Public Schools Expands Meal Options and Launches a New Online Menu System 

This new web-based and mobile app menu system from Nutrislice allows FPS Community members easy access to menu items, nutrition and allergen information, and more.

June 9, 2022 (Framingham, MA) The Department of Food Service is proud to introduce a new web-based menu system called Nutrislice. This new online menu system allows parents, students and faculty to view menu items, calorie counts, product formulation statements, allergen information and much more. There is also a mobile app available to all for quick and easy access. 

Easy-to-use features include:

  • More information about menu items, including a photo and description

  • Filter for common food allergens like nuts, wheat and dairy

  • A Translation feature to translate your menus into a number of different languages

  • Access to nutrition information like carb counts and calories with just a few clicks!

Access the Web Version: Framingham Public Schools Menus on Nutrislice

Download The App: The app is called Nutrislice and can be downloaded for free!

  • On a mobile phone? Visit the appropriate app store link: iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. 

  • On a computer? Simply scan the QR code and choose which app store to visit.

QR Code to download mobile app on iOS or Android

  • After opening the app, write 'Framingham' in the search bar and choose our district.

  • To be able to change the language settings in the app, click on the 3 lines on the top right corner once in the app and click on ‘select a language’.

  • From the website, menus can also be printed in a variety of languages.

In addition to launching this new system, the new Director of Food Service, Dario Nardi, has started to get lunch menu requests from students. The first meal offered to students by request was a Brazilian Chicken Stroganoff and the feedback from Framingham High School was overwhelmingly positive. Mr. Nardi is always open to and encourages student input with regards to menu planning so that FPS Food Service can offer a wide variety of foods that meet the nutritional needs of all students.  Students looking to submit menu ideas are welcome to email Dario Nardi

In Framingham Public Schools meals are served to over 9,100 students at 15 locations. We want to do more than feed hungry students in Framingham - we strive to improve how students eat by preparing fresh, delicious and nutritious meals they love! We are looking forward to further engaging students and all their senses through the creation of new and fresh dining experiences that improve their school day. Our wide variety of menu items, programs and initiatives nourish student’s bodies, minds and spirits.

See below for Food Service-directed initiatives:

Framingham Flyer Garden
The Framingham Flyer Farms Courtyard is located at Framingham High School. It is conveniently enclosed between buildings, allowing protection from wildlife as well as providing a greenhouse effect to promote growth. The garden is utilized in spring, summer and fall each year. Chefs at the high school use each harvest to create a vast array of fresh and nutritious menu options for the entire Framingham School District.

What's growing? Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Basil, Roses and Other Flowers

Want to get involved? Students are welcome and encouraged to join the gardening fun! If you are interested or want more information, email Dario Nardi, Director of Food Services. 

Framingham Flyer Freight Garden (Hydroponic)
The Framingham Flyers Hydroponic Farm is a self-sustaining farm.  Hydroponic means there is no soil. Seeds are grown in moss pods and given water that has vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal growth. We never use any herbicides or pesticides, so all of our produce is organic.

Fun Facts

  • The farm is a recycled shipping container, protecting the produce from any environmental factors such as bugs and weather.

  • Hydroponic farms use 90% less water than traditional farming in a garden.

  • Our farm produces the same amount of lettuce as a two-acre field!

  • Every school in the Framingham district receives lettuce from the freight farm.

  • Students can get involved! Each year, the Framingham Food Services Department employs high school students to help plant, grow and harvest in the freight farm. This is an excellent opportunity to be involved in the school community and gain hands-on learning experience. This opportunity gives Framingham students a unique perspective on biology, nutrition and hydroponic technology.

About The Department of Food Service
The Department of Food Service for Framingham Public Schools strives to provide as many  healthy food options that meet the nutritional needs of every and every Framingham student. Focusing on locally sourced, nutritious meals - the Department of Food Services is committed to the health of our students and passionate about supporting the local food economy. The Framingham Public Schools offers breakfast and lunch daily in all schools, as well as meals during the summer when school is out at selected sites around the City.

About Framingham Public Schools
The mission of the Framingham Public Schools is to educate each student to learn and live productively as a critically-thinking, responsible citizen in a multicultural, democratic society by providing academically challenging instructional programs taught by highly-qualified staff and supported by comprehensive services in partnership with our entire community. For news, updates, and announcements, follow Framingham Public Schools (@FraminghamPS) on Facebook, Twitter, and (@framinghamschools) on Instagram. You can also join the conversation using #FraminghamSchools.