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Framingham Public Schools Announces the New Director of Fine and Performing Arts

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Framingham Public Schools Announces the New Director of Fine and Performing Arts

May 26, 2022 (Framingham, MA) Dr. Robert Tremblay, Superintendent of Schools, is pleased to announce Dr. Brian Gellerstein as the Director of Fine and Performing Arts, effective July 1, 2022. 

Brian Gellerstein, a father of two Framingham Public Schools students, is currently the Lead Teacher for Visual and Performing Arts with Cambridge Public Schools where his work centers around PreK–12 arts curriculum and instruction. In addition, he is a part-time Assistant Professor of Music Education at the Berklee College of Music and an Associate Lecturer for the Department of Leadership in Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Prior to his current positions, he was a non-profit music education administrator and public-school music teacher in both New York City and Cambridge. Dr. Gellerstein received his Ph.D. in Urban Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston where his dissertation research addressed the connections between White supremacy and gatekeeping in music education. He delivers presentations on topics including White supremacy in education, anti-racist teaching, culturally responsive practices, and classroom culture.

“I am excited to welcome Dr. Brian Gellerstein to the Framingham Public Schools family as the new Director of Fine & Performing Arts,” offered Dr. Robert Tremblay, Superintendent of Framingham Public Schools. “We had a strong pool of candidates from whom to choose, and Dr. Gellerstein quickly rose to the top of our list of finalists. In my role as Superintendent of Schools and with a background in the arts, I was pleased to join the Office of Teaching and Learning in helping to select a Director of Fine & Performing Arts to lead with a balanced view of and vision for the future of our comprehensive arts offerings.”

“I am excited and honored to be joining Framingham Public Schools and the department of Fine and Performing Arts,” said Dr. Brian Gellerstein. “As a parent of two Brophy students, I am proud of the work that our community has done to support FPS students with a vibrant arts education. I hope to continue Donna Wresinski's inspiring work and will ensure that our students are engaged with inclusive, culturally responsive, and anti-racist arts programming.”

Because the previously scheduled candidate forum conflicts with other events and activities in the district, including a school concert, we are instead pleased to offer a series of in-person meet and greet events with Dr. Gellerstein so that he can hear directly from each of our fine and performing arts departmental staff, students, and families, as he prepares for his official entry into the Directorship on July 1, 2022.

We also look forward to Dr. Gellerstein’s participation in the selection of a Fine & Performing Arts Coordinator who will balance his expertise in music so that there is voice and representation in all of our arts disciplines.

The contents of this Press Release will be sent to the FPS Community and are available on our website in English, Spanish, and Portuguese:

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