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Framingham Public Schools Begins Search Process for the Principal of Stapleton Elementary School

Framingham Public Schools
Robert A. Tremblay, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools

Rochelle Santos, Media & Communications Manager
Framingham Public Schools 

Framingham Public Schools Begins Search Process for the Principal of Stapleton Elementary School

January 19, 2021 (Framingham, MA) - Framingham Public Schools has begun the search process to hire a Principal for Stapleton Elementary School. As previously shared, Ms. Brenda Maurao transitioned from her position as Assistant Director of Elementary Education last year to assume a Co-Principal role at Stapleton Elementary School. Ms. Maurao’s expertise and experience have allowed her to build and hone current Stapleton systems as well as to develop strong, positive relationships with staff, students and families.  While she agreed to stay in the role as Principal of Stapleton Elementary School through the end of this school year, the District is moving forward with a search process for a permanent principal to take over July 1, 2021. District leadership is grateful for Ms. Maurao’s willingness to remain a strong and consistent leader and looks forward to her return to the Central Office.

The process to identify and hire the Principal is outlined below and includes various opportunities for the Stapleton community to provide essential input.  The District is actively pursuing volunteers to join the Screening Committee, as well as, to gather input on the criteria and priorities to be considered when seeking candidates. While we recognize it is a big time commitment, these are important steps to ensuring community involvement in selecting the right leader for Stapleton.  Parents, Guardians and Staff members are encouraged to apply to join and can reference email communication from Ms. Maurao for the Google Form link. You can also contact Inna London, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, with any questions.

The Search and Hiring Process

  • The Stapleton Community (staff and parents) will complete a Principal Focus Group Survey to share the input on the desired criteria and priorities as candidates are considered.
  • There will be two virtual screening rounds with volunteer committees.
  • The Initial Candidate Selection Screening Committee will consist of 4 parents, 4 teachers, and 4 administrators. They will establish key characteristics of a Stapleton Principal and then review resumes and applications. They will recommend 8-10 candidates who will proceed to Round 2 of the process. 
  • Round 2 consists of Stakeholder Screening Committee Interviews. There will be four screening committees (one for parents, teachers, school-based administrators, and Central Office administrators). Each committee will conduct 30-minute interviews with the selected candidates from Round 1 and rate their performance.
  • At the end of Round 2, ratings will be tallied, and 5-7 candidates will proceed with the process.
  • The Central Office team along with the Superintendent will interview the candidates and submit 2-3 finalists.
  • The finalists will then each meet with the Stapleton community in a virtual forum and answer questions. Attendees will provide their feedback of each candidate to Dr. Tremblay.

The District hopes to have a Stapleton Principal announced at the end of March and looks forward to finding a candidate who will be able to continue the work that Principal Maurao and her Vice Principal, Lisa DiDonato, have begun. 

The job is posted and open for applications. Apply Now.

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