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5/18/16 Visioning Task Force for Fuller School

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For Immediate Release
May 18, 2016

Visioning Task Force for Fuller School

The Framingham Public Schools is engaged in school redesign projects that will bring new
vision to the next generation of all schools in Framingham. For some schools such as Wilson
Elementary School, this new vision has been under development for a number of years as the
staff work towards full implementation of the IBB school model. King Elementary School,
Walsh Middle School, and Framingham High School have initiated discussions for potential
partnerships with the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) in a two­year process designed
to enhance their academic programs. This week also inaugurated the redesign work of Fuller
Middle School.
The Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Stacy Scott convened a task force represented by teachers,
parents and central office administrators to begin exploring the future vision of the program for
the Fuller School in Framingham. The "Visioning Task Force" met all day last Thursday, May
12, to review optimal learning environments that place students at the center of teaching and
learning. The team reviewed current research and relevant material, focusing on student­centered
instruction and physical spaces that compliment, promote and encourage innovative and higher
order thinking.
Last week’s meeting was the first in a series of scheduled sessions focused on identifying
concrete opportunities to gauge the value of diverse programmatic designs, STEAM curriculum
content, 21st Century pedagogy, and powerful technology as a tool to deliver effective and
rigorous instruction. The goal is to consider expansive ideas that define what Framingham
Public Schools should look like in the next five to twenty years. We aspire to create learning
experiences and spaces that generate curiosity, innovation, entrepreneurship, effective
communication, collaboration and literacy. The district hopes to develop a blueprint for schools
that supports the development of all students as they grow academically, socially, emotionally,
and physically.