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Exciting Leadership Announcements for King Elementary School and Stapleton Elementary School

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Framingham Public Schools is Pleased to Make Exciting Leadership Announcements for King Elementary School and Stapleton Elementary School as we Continue to Invest in District Talent 

Ms. Michelle Biasella will remain the Vice Principal at Stapleton Elementary School and Ms. Allison Benabdallah will become the Vice Principal at King Elementary School.


Framingham, MA – June 14, 2018: Dr. Robert Tremblay, Superintendent of Schools, is pleased to announce leadership changes at both King and Stapleton Elementary Schools. With recent shifts and new leaders emerging in Framingham, the District is working with it’s committed and dedicated talent to both advance teaching and learning and provide growth opportunities to experienced Framingham Public Schools administrators.

“I am a firm believer in building upon those talents and skills of our district leadership team and celebrating the opportunity to provide both King and Stapleton Elementary Schools with experienced Vice Principals,” stated Superintendent Tremblay. “This shift will strengthen our schools and provide an element of institutional knowledge as we continue our efforts to advance a shared district vision, making all of our schools desirable and with terrific, innovative teaching and learning opportunities.”

Ms. Allison Benabdallah - Vice Principal at King Elementary School

"While I will miss the Stapleton students, staff, and families, I am thrilled to be joining the King Elementary School community and working alongside John Maynard once again,” stated Ms. Benabdallah. “I am excited to be a part of King's commitment to STEAM education and interdisciplinary learning as we work together to prepare students for success in the 21st century world."

Ms. Benabdallah has made significant contributions since joining Framingham Public Schools in September of 2000. She began as a 6th grade Special Education teacher at Fuller Middle School and in 2006 became a Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. During her tenure at Fuller Middle School, she also served as a Team Leader and the Director of the Theater Arts Program. After completing her Administrative Internship in December 2013, she was asked to step in as Interim Vice Principal for the duration of the school year. In August of that same school year, Ms. Benabdallah was appointed as Assistant Principal of Stapleton Elementary School where she’s served for the last four years. Ms. Benabdallah's expertise in behavior management and PBIS combined with her commitment to social and emotional learning (SEL) and her concern for all members of the learning community will undoubtedly contribute to King Elementary School's vision and mission. Her patient ability to build systems within the organization and her openness to new ideas will prove helpful to any elementary school, but certainly a growing one.

Ms. Michelle Biasella - Vice Principal at Stapleton Elementary School

“I am ecstatic about continuing my journey here at Stapleton alongside Principal Anne Diaz,” said Ms. Michelle Biasella, current Assistant Principal at Stapleton Elementary School. “I can’t wait to continue the work we have done here at Stapleton to support the growth of all students and build their skills as 21st century learners.”

As Literary Coach at Stapleton, Ms. Biasella was instrumental in helping students exceed their potential. Ms. Biasella successfully completed her administrative internship at Stapleton in 2017 and was happy to expand her role as the Interim Assistant Principal for the 2017-2018 school year. Her strong curriculum knowledge, passion for student learning, and commitment to the families at Stapleton have served the school well. Ms. Biasella will work alongside the newly appointed Principal Ms. Anne Diaz at Stapleton Elementary School.

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