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Buildings and Grounds Update

The information below was shared on behalf of Buildings and Grounds and the Business Operations Office of Framingham Public Schools.
We have contracted with Fitzmeyer and Tocci, HVAC Engineers, (F&T) to perform an evaluation at all school buildings as to how we can help to reduce the risk for COVID-19. We are scheduled to receive their findings and recommendations by the end of August. Their review will include recommendations as published by ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers). Those recommendations include the review of available technologies to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) such as ionization, UV and Ozone technologies, adding air purifiers, increased filtration, increased air flow and run time for HVAC systems, the review of designated Covid rooms and the requirement for negative air in those spaces.
Work is currently underway that we can perform in-house. We have placed orders for 1,000 air purifiers, MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rated filters and many Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items. We are also purchasing 200 water bottle filling stations to replace water drinking fountains. We continue to perform water flushing at all schools. We are constructing window screens for a minimum of two per classroom where they do not currently exist.
We will review the F&T report and address recommendations or areas where we may improve IAQ prior to the reopening of school. Any work to be done at our schools must go through a procurement process if the design phase is over $30k. We will provide updates as they become available - both to the Framingham Public Schools community and to the School Committee so all are informed of ongoing efforts.