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Proposed 2020-2021 Calendar - Updates

We received and reviewed 162 responses through our one-question survey on the first draft of the 2020-2021 District Calendar! Here are the changes that were made from those comments, which will be reflected in the School Committee Meeting tonight (2/5/20)

Adjusted Start Date and PD
Based on community feedback we found a compromise and now propose starting school during the week of August 31st instead of August 24th. Many people requested a school start after Labor Day, however, doing so is problematic given the late date in 2020 as that could extend the school year beyond June 30th with snow days and we cannot have that happen. 

We also moved the PD Day from September 1st to October 9th which creates an extended long weekend for families, aligning with Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It also gives a bit of a buffer from the first PD Day on August 31st.

Forthcoming Changes and Adjustments

  • We will look to incorporate a designation for the AM and PM Collaboration days/times for the High School once they are set. This usually happens in May. With SC approval we could add these dates after the calendar has been approved. 

  • Once the full calendar dates are confirmed and voted on, the Media and Communications Office will finalize the Spanish and Portuguese versions. The English versions will contain the number of school days associated with each month for internal tracking purposes to ensure that we meet the 180 day requirement and to support payroll interests. (Given the reformatting needed to accommodate requests, this will take some time.)

Formatting Changes
We added the days-off designations below each month - including both Holidays and Operational reasons.

Rosh Hashanah Adjustment
Although the full days of Rosh Hashanah fall on a weekend in 2020, we adjusted for the first night of Rosh Hashanah (9/18/2020) to be an Early Release Day.

Moved the October No Homework Day
The second ‘Family, Friends, and Neighbor’ Day’ now aligns with a term start vs. a term end which may relieve stress for High School students (moved from October 29th to November 5th).

December 23rd
In consideration of other religious holidays, two days off for Christmas Eve and Christmas, respectively, is sufficient.