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Flyers by Night, A Continuing Education Program

We are proud to present: Flyers by Night (FBN), a continuing education program premiering at Framingham High School this month.

Framingham residents and community members are encouraged and invited to attend a free class and try the Flyers by Night experience. Flyers by Night will launch by offering four weeks of FREE CLASSES!

Starting March 19th, community members can sign up for: Yoga, Zumba, Cooking, Intro to Web Design, Zumba, Guitar, Keyboard / Piano, How to Navigate X2 for Parents, and much more!

Flyers by Night classes will be staffed by Framingham Public Schools teachers, local artists, chefs and Community Partners. Avidia Bank, as an example, will be running free, one-time events that include classes in: Financial Literacy, First Time Homebuying, and Managing a Small Business. The Framingham Fire Department will be offering a one-time class called ‘First Aid and Stop the Bleed’. As the interest and demand grow in the community, the offerings will expand. Anyone who is interested in teaching a course can submit proposals to the Flyers by Night program.

For anyone looking to expand their skills, jumpstart a career, rediscover Framingham High School, meet new people, or simply plan a ‘Parents Night Out’, this is a great opportunity to do so. For more information please visit