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Back to School Update Series - Video #10: Special Education


If your child was due for special education testing from March-June or is due to be evaluated this Fall, staff will be reaching out to begin scheduling appointment based assessments at our schools. We appreciate your patience as we begin this process. All special education related providers will be available to return, in-person and as needed, for the purpose of special education testing. Special education teachers, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, and specialists servicing students with severe special needs (Autism Program and Multiple Disabilities Program) in Blocks, Barbieri, Brophy, Dunning, King, Cameron, Fuller and FHS are anticipated to return on October 5th. All staff who will have to attend to students identified as “high needs” have an anticipated return date of October 26th. Hybrid learning is anticipated to begin on November 5th, which is when all remaining staff are due to return. All of our secretarial staff are expected to return on October 26th, but may need to return earlier as deemed by the principal if duties cannot be performed remotely.