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Back to School Update Series - Video #4: PPE, Physical Distancing, and Personal Hygiene

We have PPE (face masks, clear face masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, sneeze guards, desk dividers, plexiglass shields) provided for any employee whose job includes close contact with a student. While masks are available for students and staff if needed, staff and students are expected to arrive at school in possession of their own masks. All students, visitors, and staff will be required to wear face-masks (visors and bandanas are not acceptable) except during mask breaks and lunch. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis with the school nurse, the school physician, and the child’s medical provider. Students without a medical condition who repeatedly fail to wear a mask will continue their instruction remotely and are welcome back in class anytime they commit to wearing a mask. Classrooms/offices will be arranged so individuals are at least six feet apart and student desks are facing in the same direction. Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain this physical distance when transitioning. Breaks for frequent, regular hand washing will be incorporated into the school day. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the building and in classrooms without sinks. We also installed hands free paper towel dispensers where needed.