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BLOCKS Construction Project: Complete and Under Budget

BLOCKS Preschool Roof at Juniper Hill Construction Complete!

An unforeseen roof issue that arose last year at BLOCKS has been fixed. When the structure problem was discovered, Mayor Spicer, School Committee, and City Council came together to address this challenge by authorizing funding.
Matt Torti, Director of Buildings & Grounds, recently shared that the project was completed on time, was $68,000 under budget, and that the gap it created for staff office space and special education services is now addressed.
BLOCKS Construction Project Review
District 4 City Councilor and District 4 School Committee Member Adam Freudberg view the roof damage at BLOCKS in May, listening to FPS Buildings and Ground Director Matthew Torti about the need for repairs.
Beyond the project scope and budget, the BLOCKS staff and students are excited for the updates to their space.
"Now that the library repair is complete, our support staff, therapists and speech pathologists have offices where they have a more conducive environment to carry out evaluations, consult with families and professionals, and provide services to students," said Rosie Alvarez, Director of the BLOCKS Preschool Program. "We were also able to move the furniture and materials back to the library which means our stage is once again available for our family nights, presentations, and creative arts performances. Children and staff have already noticed the change and are enjoying returning to a more appropriate learning and teaching environment."