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Cards for Carlos - A Districtwide Effort

Last week Shannon Kessler, a teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, emailed the Central Office to share her plans and to seek support in rallying anyone in the District who was interested in joining her mission.
She shared this story with the heartfelt message below and the responses have been rolling in. We are looking forward to seeing the finished results and hope that the efforts of our staff and students will send just a little bit of additional joy to Carlos.
If anyone reading this is interested in supporting this effort, please drop your cards off at Central Office by this Thursday, December 19th and we will include them with the delivery this weekend. Attention should be made to Rochelle Santos.
------ Shannon Kessler's message to the FPS Community -------
I thought about just starting with my grade level, but this boy deserves bigger. I thought about just our school, but this boy deserves bigger...
There is a boy in Boston Children’s Hospital that is awaiting a heart transplant. He is 6 years old and is asking for holiday cards to cheer him up while he waits for his life saving heart. He will be in the hospital over the holidays. 
As an elementary teacher first, and a (pancreas) transplant recipient second, this story cuts right to my core. I know what that wait is like, as I, too, was in the hospital last year during the holidays, though my time was during my recovery and his is while he waits for a match to save him. 
I am looking to gather cards from across the District and am volunteering to personally deliver them next weekend. I know there isn't much time, but I would love to help make this little boy's wish come true while promoting kindness and empathy with our students.
Fifth Grade students at Wilson are making cards for Carlos. Wilson staff were also invited to sign a card. 
For anyone that wants to participate, please email me ( to let me know 1) you are interested, 2) if you need me to pick cards up at your school, or 3) if you want to send cards to me at Woodrow Wilson via the PONY. I just ask that we gather the cards by next Thursday 12/19 so I can arrange for delivery to Children's Hospital before the holidays. 
Thank you so much! 
Warm Regards,
Shannon Kessler and Grade 5 
Photos of the cards and card-making at Woodrow Wilson
Cards for Carlos 1  Cards for Carlos 2   Cards for Carlos 3  Cards for Carlos 4