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NFTE Entrepreneurship Class at Framingham High School

Last Wednesday several Framingham High School (FHS) students took part in a special student-led experience as part of their NFTE Entrepreneurship Class. NFTE, short for The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, is the nation’s leader in providing youth entrepreneurship education, activating the entrepreneurial mindset in youth ages 11-18. As such, the class has a unique community partnership component and is led by Mr. Jeremy Flagg.

The partnership began nearly a year ago, when Paul Joseph, former President & CEO of the Metrowest Chamber of Commerce, introduced NFTE’s New England Director Jennifer Green and Joseph Corazzini, Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Diversity and Community Development for Framingham Public Schools. Funding for the partnership came from a grant from Framingham State University. According to Jennifer, “It was clear from the start that leaders across Framingham saw the value in equipping their students with an entrepreneurial mindset. Unwavering buy-in from district and school leaders paved the way for a successful launch of NFTE’s entrepreneurship programs, with Mr. Jeremy Flagg leading the way in the classroom each day. We look forward to growing the partnership in the years to come.”  

For this special in-class experience, representatives from Santander visited the Entrepreneurship Class where students were tasked with sharing their ideas for startup companies with people outside of class. The students worked with community partners to help further develop their ideas, ask about finances, and how they can improve and execute their ideas. The ideas ranged from promoting environmental awareness, to allergy detection, to household cooking products, and more.

“It was apparent from the presentations that the students gave considerate thought and were well prepared for this experience, said FHS Principal, Carolyn Banach. “This experience in project based learning showcased the creativity and vision that our students have for products of the future that will serve a need in the local, national and global arenas. The active engagement of each and every student was an inspiration.”

"Our intent, our mission, is to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in youth, and leveraging our partners like Santander, to help students along their entrepreneurial journey and through NFTE’s project-based learning experience, said Julia Bodette, Senior Volunteer Programs Manager for NFTE’s national office. "Last Wednesday's collaboration was a perfect blend of a passionate teacher, supportive administration, engaging students, and committed volunteers."

In addition to the external visitors from Santander, Najee Nunnally from the Office of Equity, Diversity and Community Development; Carolyn Banach, Principal of Framingham High School; and Peter Erbland, Technology Education / Engineering Head all visited to observe the class and show support for this work. Special thanks go to Mark McGillivray, VP of Framingham High School and Mark Goldschmidt, Resiliency for Life Teacher at FHS, for volunteering to be judges in challenge projects.

Framingham Public Schools is grateful for the community partners, FPS Administration FHS Leadership, and Mr. Flagg for their dedication, leadership, financial support, encouragement, and efforts to support this program.


About NFTE New England
Through a unique combination of high-impact student programs and exceptional teacher training and support, NFTE’s New England program office provides schools and partners in the region the opportunity to change young lives through entrepreneurship. NFTE has launched thousands of New England students on their entrepreneurial journey through in-school, after-school, and summer programming. You can learn more at their website: