• Construction Activities Look-Ahead

    • Installation of the concrete sonotube footings for the 20 ft. and 10 ft. turf netting is complete
    • Forming, placing, and stripping the concrete anchor curb will continue in April
    • Importing of the subgrade materials for the turf fields will continue in April
    • Installation of the turf drainage piping will be completed by the end of April
    • Wiring of the remaining phase 3 light poles will continue
    • Install of trees, plantings, and loam/seed will start towards the end of the month

    Recent Milestones

    • 03/07/2022: Mobilize for Phase 3 turf field work
    • 03/16/2022: Began concrete sonotube footing installation

    Traffic and Neighborhood Impact - April

    • Daily roundtrip deliveries of crushed stone for field base ongoing throughout April and May
    • Periodic concrete trucks
    • Periodic delivery trucks

    COVID 19

    • Consigli has been proactive in our response, placing additional procedures and safety measures in place that adhere to the CDC Guidelines and the construction guidelines issued from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to promote worker safety,
    • Impacts to manpower, material availability and fabrication are being monitored on a continuous basis, and all efforts are being made to mitigate said impacts.


    Updates made: (5/3/22)