Hemenway Physical Education

  • PE Expectations  

    Welcome to PE!

    Physical Education Goals:

    Demonstrate safe body control during warm-ups and all activities.

    Demonstrate RESPECT for directions and all signals given during Physical Education class.

    Demonstrate general and self-space awareness as students move in a variety of pathways in the gymnasium and on the field.

    To develop a safe and controlled body while traveling over, under, around, in and out of a variety of obstacles.

    Increase cardio-vascular endurance

    Mrs. Schlegel and Mr. Cincotta continue to emphasize to all students to:

    • Be your BEST
    • Show your BEST
    • Safe body
    • Be kind
    • Don't give up
    • Make the class better for others
    • Have FUN

    Visual reminders are pictured on the board for students to:

    • Look
    • Listen
    • Raise hands
    • Check for understanding (thumbs up) 

    Good Sportsmanship Rubric:
    Performance Task: Use good sportsmanship and proper sports behavior in games and group activities.

    • Follows all Rules
    • Shares equipment and take turns
    • Respect others feelings
    • Encourages and helps classmates 
    • Demonstrates safety at all times


     Good Sportsmanship

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