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    Meal Benefit Applications (Free and Reduced Lunch) for the 2017/18 School year are now available at the Parent Information Center Office.  
    You also can print and/or download clicking the links below:

    English Application 

    Portuguese Application 

    Spanish Application

    Welcome to Kindergarten
    Class of 2030!
    A child must be 5 years old on or before August 31, 2017 to be eligible to attend public school in Framingham.

    Enrollment in the Framingham Public Schools is contingent upon residency. Pre-Registration begins with an online application, and should be completed only by those families who meet the RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS.  
    Enrollment Requirements

    • You must be residing in Framingham at the time of your registration appointment.
    • You must be a full-time Framingham resident in order to attend Framingham Public Schools.
    • The pre-registration process consists of three (3) required forms for all incoming students. Please allow yourself ample time to complete the application questionnaire (30-40 minutes).
    • In order for you to receive a Registration Appointment at the Parent Information Center, you must complete all three (3) required forms. We recommend using a non-mobile device to complete this task if possible, as it is easier with access to a keyboard.
    • After we receive and process all items we will contact you with more information regarding your registration appointment. It is required that a parent/guardian attend the scheduled appointment at the Parent Center to complete the registration process.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Students will not be considered enrolled until parents/guardians submit the required documentation during the in-person registration appointment.
    English Proficiency Testing: Students whose first language is not English will be tested at the time of their appointment at the Parent Information Center to determine their English proficiency. Program recommendation will be made according to the test results. Testers will discuss results with parents.

    Please continue to the "Pre-Registration" link below.


    Thank you!
    Parent Information Center
    Framingham Public schools


    1. Your child's birth certificate
      (Long form/Government issued)
    2. Proof of residency
      (Please click here for the acceptable documents)
    3. Proof of occupancy
      (Please click here for the acceptable documents)
    4. Proof of identification
      (Please click here for the acceptable documents)
    5. Your child's most recent physical examination and immunization record
      (Must be within the last 12 months)

    If applicable:

    1. Individual education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan
      If child receives Special Education Services
    2. Proof of guardianship
      If child is not living with one or both natural parents

     How Kindergarten Assignments are Made

    Students entering Kindergarten in 2017 will continue to be assigned through a Controlled Choice Program. Under Controlled Choice, families are able to choose from among all nine Framingham elementary schools. Students are placed on a waiting list for their top two choices if assignment to a first or second choice is not possibleAll Kindergarten waiting lists dissolve on Friday, September 15, 2017 except the Barbieri waiting list which is active until the start of second grade. Students who require a specialized program (Special Education or English Language Learner Program) will be placed per the guidelines of each department in consultation with the family.

     DON’T WORRY!  We’ll be happy to answer all your questions at your registration appointment