• December 2020

    Dear Framingham Community:

    As your Superintendent of Schools, I am pleased to present my professional goals for the 2020-2021 school year. This year is unlike any that I have experienced in my career, yet there is exciting work happening in our school district beyond our currently all-encompassing efforts to teach and learn during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    District Improvement Goal: Leading through a Global Pandemic
    In my role as Superintendent of the Framingham Public Schools, I have been working with my dedicated team to imagine, design, reimagine, and implement a plan in order for our students and staff to “Return to Learn” in what seems like an endless cycle since the decision was made to close the doors to our schools last March. We continue to learn about COVID-19 and work through the layers of impacts to our students, families, staff, and greater Framingham community. The work has been and continues to be exhausting and has proven to be among the most complicated undertaking of my professional career. It therefore stands to reason that Leading through a Global Pandemic could not be a more important District Improvement Goal.

    Professional Practice Goal: AntiRacism
    The AntiRacist Table was created in response to the Racial Reckoning in America, as a way to bring AntiRacism into daily life as a daily practice. Educating Americans about African American history and the Black experience, along with rehumanizing Black people and motivating action to help create an AntiRacist America are the goals of this program. Through my participation in the self-guided AntiRacist Table, I am commiting to the dismantling of racism personally, within my family, and within our school district. By January 2021, I will have participated in the 30-lesson series of the self-guided program (including lessons, videos, readings, reflections, meditation, and other disciplines). In addition, by January 2021, I will have engaged a team of leaders who individually volunteered to participate in the program while taking time to share their discoveries as a study team. As provided in the program literature, the journey to cultivating a life committed to being AntiRacist is a lifelong pursuit. The Challenge will push me to unlearn, reflect, self-educate, and develop awareness of existing oppression, racial beliefs, biases, and privileges. 

    Student Learning Goal: Increasing Access to Advanced Coursework by Students of Color
    Framingham High School (FHS) offers a comprehensive Program of Studies that provides students with a wide variety of subjects and courses to match their interests and abilities, yet we need to do more in order to improve our systems to provide more of our African American/Black students access to advanced classes. Access to advanced or accelerated courses begins with pre-high school preparation. With direction and support from the Office of Teaching and Learning, the middle school curriculum is undergoing an extensive review to ensure alignment with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and consistency of pacing, sequence, and resources across the three schools. By September 2021, the percent of African American/Black 11th and 12th grade students enrolled in advanced coursework will increase from 52% (2019 data) to 75%. Advanced coursework is defined by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) as “courses that are considered advanced includ[ing] Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual enrollment, and other challenging classes in a variety of subjects.” 

    In addition to my goals that I have summarized here and which were approved by the Framingham School Committee on December 2, 2020, I encourage you to check out the Framingham Public Schools Strategic Plan as this is a community-built vision for our schools from now through 2023. 

    I hope you will find that the carefully crafted and very intentional strategic objectives inspire hope and forward-momentum as these efforts are at the core of our daily work to meet the needs of our students and staff.

    It is an honor to lead such a dynamic school community. As always, please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, comments, or simply to have a conversation about our district efforts. Engagement is a cornerstone of this critical work and fostering a personal relationship with our families and community partners is what will ensure our continued success.

    Very truly yours,

    Robert A. Tremblay, Ed.D.

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