Welcome to room 217

  • flugrad china Welcome to Team 217! Our 4th grade classroom is a community of learners where we learn from each other and support each other like a team. Ms Flugrad, Ms. St Pierre, and Ms Aviles love teaching together and getting to know our wonderful students! Our class starts each day with fun, community-building activities during Morning Meeting and we end the day reflecting together as a class about all of our learning and accomplishments throughout the day. We value having a Growth Mindset; we are risk-takers and we learn from reflecting on our mistakes and setting goals for improvement. Our classroom is a caring, safe space where we respect differences and we are open-minded to learn from diverse perspectives. We are all IB Learners and we balance our academic, social, and emotional learning to be happy, knowledgeable, and principled students. We are thinkers, communicators, and inquirers as we make transdisciplinary connections in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, Portuguese class, gym, music, and art! 4th grade is a lot of fun in Team 217 and we learn a lot together!