Social Studies Department Overview

  • All Social Studies classes study people and places on the earth’s surface and how they relate to each other. In addition, each grade studies the events of history by investigating the past through primary and secondary sources. Social Studies students learn to read, think, and write like historians and geographers. This means students learn to evaluate, analyze, and think critically about evidence, they ask thoughtful questions, and they interpret and explain what has been discovered through meaningful discussions and comprehensive writing.


    6th grade
    Foundations of Geography
    Geography of South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Oceania
    World Religions

    7th grade
    Early Humans (Paleolithic Age)
    Neolithic Revolution
    Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, and Rome
    (Fall of Rome, Encounters between Christianity and Islam, and Medieval Europe)

    8th grade (changing for 2019-20 school year)
    Early Colonies
    French & Indian War
    Causes of American Revolution
    Declaration of Independence
    American Revolution
    Formation of United States Government
    America’s Fundamental Documents
    Nation Building/Westward Expansion
    (Causes/Civil War, Reconstruction/Legacy of War, Immigration/Industrialization/Progressivism, WWI, Roaring 20s/Great Depression, Causes WWII)