Science Department

  • Science can inform, enrich, and even save our lives. We believe that science is a life-long endeavor. The science faculty is dedicated to offering a program of science education that will prepare the student for a life of inquiry.

    A “core” curriculum of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics has a strong laboratory component. Each core course, or discipline, provides a distinct manner of analyzing natural phenomena. Through their studies in science, students build the tools that scientists use to explain the work around us.

    Our curriculum is designed to meet the Massachusetts State Frameworks. Beginning with the Class of 2010, students will take one Science MCAS exam as a high school graduation requirement. Our Biology, Introduction to Science & Engineering, and Chemistry courses are all designed to meet this requirement.

    The core disciplines are supplemented by Advanced Placement courses and elective courses in which students can pursue more concentrated studies in a particular area of interest. AP courses provide students with their first experience of a rigorous college course in science. The electives enhance and enrich the experience of the study of science.

    The students of Framingham High School have a science program that will start them on a path of discovery that will serve them as citizens of the world. 

Contact Us

  • Dan Sirpensky
    Department Head
    508-620-4963 ext. 27757