Welcome to the Office of Student Supports

    • The Office of Student Supports provides leadership and management in administering, monitoring, coordinating, and evaluating all student support services, including special education, guidance, social-emotional learning, student discipline, alternative education, health and child welfare services, and student attendance support. The Office of Student Supports develops and coordinates system-wide student services to meet the needs of all students in an educationally and fiscally responsible manner and oversees the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of all programming and staff assigned to Pupil Personnel in accordance with local, state and federal mandates to maximize students’ ability to learn and function effectively. 

      The District has developed a seven-year Strategic Plan that will span from 2023 to 2030. The Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Student Supports worked collaboratively to create a plan that coherently supports each student socially, behaviorally, and socially-emotionally. The plan is outlined here for transparency. 

      Office of Teaching and Learning and Office of Student Supports Strategic Plan (September 2023)

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