Early Education Vision

  • As our students live in an increasingly globalized world, Framingham Public Schools, in collaboration with families and our community, will ensure that every child grows and thrives in our Early Education Program. Our interdisciplinary, culturally-responsive curriculum aims for all students to embrace diversity and be a valued member of their school community. Our goal is to support student growth by building their foundational social-emotional and academic skills through hands-on, play-based, shared learning experiences that foster confident, successful lifelong learners.

    Pre-K Strategic Plan


  • BLOCKS Pre-School

    BLOCKS Preschool promotes a flexible atmosphere that considers children individually and as members of a group. Our program provides a variety of resources that address children's particular interests, needs and levels of development.

    Learning through play, development of self-concept, the growth of language and respect for others will be fostered in order to maximize future school success. The ultimate goal of this program is to instill in children a curiosity about their world and a hunger to learn.

    The general goals of our program include:

    • to develop children's understanding and use of language

    • to teach children the skills to explore, question and investigate

    • to develop early readiness and pre-academic skills

    • to foster children's self-esteem

    • to encourage children to work positively and effectively with others

    • to support the parents' role as a child's first teacher at home

    Visit the BLOCKS website for information and to see school hours.

Community Partners

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  • FSU

    The Jeanne M. Canelli Child Development Lab offers quality early childhood education opportunities. The Child Development Lab also serves as a teaching laboratory for our University students interested in teaching young children and conducting research in child development, psychology, and sociology. The development of the whole child is fostered here in the lab, and emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of each child in a literacy-rich environment. We take advantage of our location on a university campus to enrich our curriculum with participation in programs and special events held on campus.

    The Framingham State University Early Childhood Center is inclusive, welcoming children from different backgrounds and abilities in a learning community valuing the uniqueness of each child. The child-centered program emphasizes free play, socialization, creative expression, and exploration in a literacy-rich environment. The Early Childhood Center facilitates the child’s development of self as a unique and competent person, advances the child’s knowledge of the world, and maximizes the child’s potential in social-emotional, cognitive, language, and physical developmental areas. Family engagement, communication, and collaboration to partner with parents are emphasized throughout our program.

    Partnerships for Early Learners Classroom Hours 
    School Day- Monday-Friday 8:15 AM- 2:45 PM
    Full Day- Monday-Friday 7:30 AM- 5:30 PM


  • YMCA

    The MetroWest YMCA Early Learning Center, Framingham, provides high quality early education and care to children ages 15 months through 5 years old. Our classes are designed to make your child feel safe and comfortable while learning, exploring, socializing and having fun. Activities at the Y are designed to put learning in the context of play and to celebrate the joys of learning and growing. They include gross motor and language activities, sensory experiences, creative expression, learning through hands-on exploration and acquisition of self-help skills. Our curriculum addresses each child’s developmental needs and interests and emphasizes the YMCA character values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

    Partnerships for Early Learners Classroom Hours
    School Day- Monday-Friday 8:15 AM- 2:15 PM
    Full Day- Monday-Friday 7:30 AM- 6:00 PM


  • Loving Nest Preschool logo

    Loving Nest

    At Loving Nest Preschool we believe that during the Preschool years, children develop characteristics that will affect their lifelong love of learning. Our main goal is to give children a solid emotional base, as well as pre-academic skills, in a caring, engaging and responsive environment.By playing, experimenting and exploring, they establish independence, self esteem and confidence. To obtain that goal, the classrooms are set up in centers, where the children go from one teacher directed activity to the other. We recognize that we live in a diverse community, with values, language and traditional customs. We embrace and support them and encourage the children to experience that diversity as well. We are a non-denominational faith-based school, and welcome children and families of all religious beliefs.

    Partnerships for Early Learners Classroom Hours
    Full Day- Monday-Friday 7:00 AM- 5:30 PM