Program of Studies

  • The Program of Studies is a guide, updated each year to showcase the course offerings at Framingham High School. It also contains the FHS graduation requirements, helpful material regarding scheduling, and course selection including course descriptions. Finally, there are sections devoted to special programs and college standards.

    School counselors are available to advise students on four-year program planning and all aspects of this Program of Studies.

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    Framingham High School will provide students with a comprehensive, challenging and diverse learning environment, which will enable our students to become successful members of the global community.

    To learn more about the various academic departments, please navigate through the list on the left. 

Academic Expectations for Student Learning

  • Students at Framingham High School will:

    • Write and speak clearly and effectively
    • Read actively and critically
    • Listen actively and effectively
    • Demonstrate research skills by finding and using information efficiently, critically, and ethically
    • Use technological tools and resources effectively
    • Understand and apply interdisciplinary problem-solving skills

Civic / Social Expectations for Student Learning

  • Students at Framingham High School will:

    • Promote a school community that values human differences and challenges stereotypes
    • Work collaboratively
    • Participate in activities that connect the school with the local and global community
    • Maintain standards of academic and intellectual integrity, responsibility, and honesty
    • Understand and pursue general wellness

Vision of the Graduate

  • Respond thoughtfully and collaboratively
    Improve the school and community
    Skillfully communicate
    Effectively articulates thinking
    Utilize resources strategically
    Persevere in facing challenges

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