• Walsh Middle School is happy to offer so many after-school options for our students! Principal Clubs through Flyers After School and School-provided clubs give students an opportunity to find new passions and meet other students with similar interests. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Club organizers.

    See below for current offerings.

  • Flyers After School

    21st Century Clubs: CPC, Go Getters, E-Sports, YMCA
    Monday: Soccer League, FC Flair, Jazz & Orchestra, Theatre, Robotics, Yoga
    Tuesday: Clube dos Sonhadores, Portuguese Club, Theatre, Robotics, LEA Club, GSA, Yoga, Arts and Crafts, Gym Club
    Wednesday: Basketball, Jazz & Orchestra, Pop Choir, Gardening, Robotics, Poetry Writing and Short Story Writing
    Thursday: Theatre, Yearbook, Gym Club, Chinese New Year Club