• Framingham High School is a large, diverse school. Through various extracurricular offerings, FHS is able to create space and time for our students to find new passions and meet other students with similar interests! Through Athletics, Fine & Performing Arts, and/or Faculty Advisor-led Clubs, there is truly something for everyone.  

Advisor-Led Clubs

  • Clubs

    Please explore the club listings to find an after-school activity that suits your interest! If you have ideas for a new club, you need to find a teacher or staff member and work together to create a schedule for your club to meet. When you are ready to formally submit your club, please complete this Google Form, which goes to Mr. Lagan. (The form can only be filled out by FPS Staff Members.)

    If you have questions about any of the existing clubs, you can email the Advisor(s) for more information.


  • Link to FHS Athletics Website


    Framingham High School Athletics supports our students as they represent our city in interscholastic athletics. Participation in FHS Athletics Programs develops students' skills and passion so they will have a lifelong love of sport. Not only do students learn self-discipline and habits that foster success in all areas of life, they also do community service, become teammates and leaders, and they serve a purpose larger than themselves. There are various different sports for students to explore in the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. Please visit the FHS Athletics website for more information!