The Residency Experience

  • "Teacher residency programs are, by definition, district-serving teacher education programs that pair a rigorous full-year classroom apprenticeship with masters-level education content. Building on the medical residency model, teacher preparation programs provide Residents with both the underlying theory of effective teaching and a year-long, in-school “residency” in which they practice and hone their skills and knowledge alongside an effective teacher-mentor in a high-need classroom. New teacher Residents receive stipends as they learn to teach, and commit to teaching in their districts for three or more years beyond the residency."

    ​National Center for Teacher Residencies 

How does it work

  • The Framingham Teacher Residency Program is recruiting 20 residents who will serve as Resident Teachers during their service year and will focus on improving student engagement in the short term, with the intentional goal of longer-range outcomes of decreased absenteeism and increased academic achievement. The Residents will be paired with selected mentor teachers to plan and teach lessons and mini-lessons, facilitate small group classroom activities and large-group discussions, assist students individually, grade and comment on individual student work, carry out classroom administrative duties, and communicate with students’ families. Each Resident will gradually take on full responsibility for teaching 75%-80% of their mentor’s classes by the end of their residency, and will thereby earn Massachusetts teacher licensure in specific subject areas such as Math, Science, History, English, or World Languages for grades 5-12, in accordance with DESE requirements, with training and supervision from FSU faculty.

The Best Part

  • A Teacher Resident will become a licensed teacher and play a key role in bringing dual language education to students in Framingham Public Schools.

    FTR offers the opportunity for you to complete a Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Licensure combining a year-long classroom apprenticeship with teaching-related coursework to provide you with hands-on experience, feedback, evaluation and ongoing post-graduate support. We recruit talented recent college graduates as well as career changers.

    During the residency year, FTR Teachers-Residents:

    • Collaborate with experienced teacher-mentors in real classrooms;
    • Earn a MA Initial Teacher Licensure; and
    • Receive a living stipend and health benefits

    FTR prepares teachers for dual-language programs (Portuguese/Spanish) in middle schools in the following areas:

    • Secondary Math
    • Secondary Science
    • Secondary History
    • Secondary Language Arts
    • Secondary Spanish
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